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3-bag 12-Bushel BOSS-Vac™ Pro, 970652 is a commercial collection system for zero-turn mowers. Vacuum up leaves and grass clippings into 3 bags making fall clean-up painless, professional, and efficient.

This 12-bushel capacity system is a 3-bag BOSS-Vac™ Pro, fitting onto ZT6000, ZT6100 and ZT7000 zero-turn mowers with a 52-inch, 61-inch or 72-inch deck.

Here are some tips on the benefits of collecting grass clippings and leaves to help you decide if a collection system is right for your needs.

  • Unkempt lawns need clippings collected. If left on the ground, grass clippings can form large clumps of grass thatch and prevent the flow of air, nutrients and sunlight from reaching the lawn’s root system, as well as promote the growth of fungus.
  • Clippings left on the ground will wilt and dry to a brownish color and spoil the look of the lawn.
  • If lawn is diseased, the grass clippings should be removed from the lawn right away because the clippings could potentially increase the risk of the disease spreading.
  • Collection systems:
  • Help improve striping patterns.
  • Recommended in the fall, as leaves have the potential to kill grass if not attended to quickly enough.
  • Shred leaves as they are picked up, allowing more leaves to fit

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