Husqvarna T540XP Chainsaw 16″ 970510016

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The Husqvarna T540 XP Mark III is a premium top-handle gas chainsaw renowned for its remarkable power-to-weight ratio. Designed for arborists and professional tree care teams, this chainsaw offers exceptional performance and maneuverability, ensuring reliable operation for various tree-related tasks. With a 40cc class petrol engine and the SP21G chain, it provides impressive cutting capacity with rapid acceleration, enabling safe and efficient work in treetops.

Key Features:

AutoTune 3.0: Engine settings are automatically optimized for all operating conditions, ensuring consistent performance.

Connectivity Ready: Equipped with an Integrated Connectivity Device that accurately diagnoses engine issues, ensuring efficient maintenance.

Optimized Saw Body: Ergonomic design enhances user comfort and ease of operation.

Dual Attachment Eyelets: Conveniently attach to belt and lanyard for improved mobility and safety.

Air Injection System: Filters 98% of incoming dust, effectively protecting the saw from sawdust, grit, and dirt.

X-Precision Cutting Equipment: Enables efficient cutting with precise control, enhancing overall performance.

Felling Sight: Provides a perfect sight essential for accurate felling, ensuring safety and precision.

Retained Bar Nut: Prevents the bar nut from loosening during operation, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions.

Flip-Up Tank Cap: Easy-to-open flip-up tank cap for convenient refueling.

LowVib Technology: Features effective LowVib dampeners that absorb vibration, reducing fatigue on the user's arms and hands.

Retained Starter Screws: Starter screws are securely held in place, preventing loss during operation and maintenance tasks.

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 8.6 Pounds 0 Inch 0 Inch

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