RedMax LRT-EX200 (596316502)

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The RedMax LRT-EX200 (596316502) is a powerful and durable line trimmer or brushcutter designed to tackle demanding landscaping tasks. It is suitable for both commercial landscapers and homeowners with large properties. The tool is engineered for efficiency, reliability, and user comfort during extended use.


  1. Engine: Equipped with a high-performance 2-stroke engine for reliable power and performance. It may have a displacement of around 21-25cc.
  2. Power Output: Typically delivers power output in the range of 0.8 kW to 1.2 kW, depending on the specific engine configuration.
  3. Cutting Swath: Offers a cutting swath of approximately 17-20 inches, allowing for efficient trimming of grass and weeds in various terrains.
  4. Line Diameter: Compatible with trimmer lines of varying diameters, ranging from 0.080 inches to 0.105 inches, depending on user preference and application requirements.
  5. Shaft Type: Features a straight or curved shaft design, providing ergonomic comfort and maneuverability based on user preference.
  6. Weight: Weighs around 10-15 pounds (without fuel and cutting attachment), ensuring ease of use and maneuverability during operation.
  7. Handle: Equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic handle design with anti-vibration technology for reduced operator fatigue.
  8. Fuel Capacity: Typically features a fuel tank capacity of around 20-25 fluid ounces, allowing for extended operation between refueling.
  9. Start System: Utilizes a recoil start system for quick and reliable engine startup.
  10. Optional Attachments: Compatible with various optional attachments such as brush blades, hedge trimmers, and edgers for enhanced versatility and functionality.
  11. Warranty: Comes with a manufacturer's warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period.

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