Echo PB9010T

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he best solution to poor performance is to replace your old leaf blowers with one of today's newer, more powerful units. ECHO produces a full line-up of blowers including hand-held and backpack models. With industry leading models, and offerings for both consumers and professionals alike! We wanted to provide our users with the most efficient and powerful machines, to maximize productivity, output, and downtime! ECHO’s PB-9010H is the World’s Most Powerful Backpack Blower. Its industry leading blowing power is ready to tackle leaves and debris leaving a clean, beautiful outdoor space. The PB-9010H is ready when the job demands top blowing power. If Low Noise is more your suiter, than have a look at the Most Powerful Low Noise Backpack Blower!

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inches 10.2 Pounds 0 Inches 0 Inches

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