Kress 60 V CyberSystem KC710.9

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The Kress 60V CyberSystem KC710.9 is a revolutionary self-propelled lawn mower designed to tackle the demanding needs of professional landscapers. Eliminating the hassle of gas and fumes, this mower delivers exceptional power and performance thanks to its innovative battery and charging system, making it ideal for long workdays.

Unmatched Cordless Power:

  • Zero Gas Emissions: This mower is the first truly cordless solution for commercial use. Say goodbye to gas cans, fumes, and pull starts. Breathe easy and enjoy a more eco-friendly landscaping experience.
  • Kress-Built Brushless Motor: The brushless motor offers exceptional power and durability, rivaling gas-powered mowers, to handle even the toughest mulching and bagging jobs.
  • Long-Lasting Battery & Charging System: The innovative CyberSystem ensures you won't run out of power during long shifts. With an 8-minute rapid charging time, you can get back to work quickly.

Built to Last:

  • Reinforced Steel Deck: This mower is built tough with a reinforced steel deck that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday commercial use.
  • IPX4 Waterproofing: The mower shrugs off rain and splashes, allowing you to work through challenging weather conditions.
  • Protective Features: Front bumper protection and a trim side wear plate shield the mower from bumps and scrapes, while the rubber tires provide excellent traction on uneven terrain.

Exceptional Performance:

  • High Cutting Speed & Torque: The mower boasts a high cutting speed of 3300 rpm with impressive 9.5 Nm torque for efficient mowing through thick grass.
  • Improved Air Flow Deck Design: This innovative design optimizes airflow for a superior cut quality, ensuring your lawn looks its best.
  • Versatile Cutting Options: The mower likely offers mulching and bagging capabilities, along with multiple cutting height adjustments, to suit your specific needs.

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